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With fast processing time and ease of mining Coino is a great way to learn more about crypto-currency. When using Bitcoin, it can take half an hour or more to confirm a transaction. Coino confirms in less than a minute making sure your cash gets where you want it – fast!

Coino is a community coin – that means you can join in and help out where you want. We would be pleased to have your support. And, if you are new to crypto-currency you will find lots of friendly people willing to help you find your way as you experiment with Coino.

Ready to get started? Download the Coino wallet from the links above and let it sync up to the network. Or, use the WebWallet to get your own Coino address that is ready to go instantly. Then either mine a little Coino or purchase some and get on your way to using digital currency.


Need help to get your wallet to sync?

For advanced users, you can find a faster sync to the network by adding the following to your Coino config:


But don't worry – even with doing this your wallet will find the network and be ready to send and receive Coino in no time.